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Things to know about your
3 Meal Sampler

While it is food, it is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that help your body heal

There is no grain/lentil/millet in these meals meaning that they may feel a bit different to what you've been eating

The spice levels in these meals are typically mild to moderate - so feel free to spice it up or temper it down based on your liking

These meals are prepared fresh approximately 2-3 hours prior to being delivered

Here's what happens next


We will set up your order for delivery in line with the details that you've provided


Delivery timeslots for your meal will be typically between 5pm and 7 pm. 


If our delivery associate is unable to trace your location, they may call you. Please do send through alternate instructions in case you are unable to take their call. 


Last but not the least, please do remember to give us your feedback on the meal !