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Reverse Diabetes Today, So Your Tomorrow Thanks You!

Eliminate the need for medicines

Get your Blood Sugar and HbA1c under control

Mitigate the risk of Diabetes led complications

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Because we know how restrictive and risky being Diabetic can get.
The Health Restore Program is designed to help you beat your Diabetes holistically.

Your health-changing journey starts now.

Food + Nutrition

  • Fresh, organic meals delivered at your doorstep
  • All meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included
  • Right Mix of Macro and Micro Nutrients guaranteed by AI-powered ANA
  • Meal plans comprise a Gourmet collection of multiple cuisines
  • Food delivery aligned to your circadian clock

Exercise + Yoga + Meditation

  • Live online sessions, designed and conducted by experts
  • Components of exercise, yoga and meditation combined to derive the best from each discipline
  • Sessions customized to suit your fitness/endurance levels
  • Limited participants per session to ensure individual attention
  • Session timings aligned with your body’s circadian clock

Smart Health Monitoring + Expert Consultation

  • Tests conducted at the start and then at the end of every month
  • Comprehensive panel to identify the root causes of your disorder and track improvements
  • Sample collection from the comfort of your home
  • Detailed analysis and consultation with experts
  • AI-powered early warning signs that highlight risks to your health in the future

Altlife Coach + Interactive App

  • Access to a dedicated AltLife Coach
  • Access to the interactive and convenient Altlife App
  • Access to Doctors, Physios, Dieticians, Yoga Teachers and Counsellors for consultation
  • Interactive and engaging workshops to encourage health discourse

Our 90 Days
Improvement Promise

0+ %
Fasting Blood Sugar
Choose a Subscription that Matches Your Health Goals.

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Launch Price: ₹10,000

Take the first step towards your health journey- try the Health Restore Program for a week and live the AltLife experience.  Based on your experience, choose our flagship Health Restore Program (30/90 days), which is designed to enable you to beat your Diabetes.

Signup for the 30 Days Program

Launch Price: ₹60,200

A convenient version of our flagship program that enables better health outcomes for people with Diabetes. This holistic program focusses on food & nutrition, physical & mental health as well as regular health & risk monitoring over a 30-day period.

Signup for the 90 Days Program

Launch Price: ₹1,65,000

Our flagship program that enables you to beat your Diabetes. Our holistic program focuses on food & nutrition, physical & mental health as well as regular health & risk monitoring & consultations over a 90-day period.


Here’s what the AltLife community has to say
about our Health Programs.

Rochan S, Age 45 yrs


“Not only are all my parameters
indicating a state of good health,
through the program, I believe I have
also understood the formula for the
various lifestyle tweaks needed to
ensure ongoing level of good health.”

HbA1C Blood Sugar
Reduction 31% 21.6% 10 Kgs

Girish Sanaba, Age 52 yrs


“With my busy schedule, I had
struggled in the past-
 having to meet
doctors, dieticians, getting to
diagnostic labs, and having to sift
through various advice I got…
Thankfully, I got access to all of this
on a single platform.”

HbA1C Blood Sugar
Weight (Kilograms)
Reduction 10.13% 44.5% 9 Kgs

The Right Approach to Beating Diabetes.

A unique three-pronged approach that addresses
the root causes of your Diabetes

Metabolism &
change insulin resistance
to sensitivity

Cellular health and
in turn optimize
cellular function

The defense mechanisms of the body to ensure reduced chances of any disease

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