Precision, at every step.

Root Cause Assessment

Persona Identification

Improvement Blueprint

Key Features of our Personalised Improvement Plan

Arm yourself with a deep & precise understanding of your Diabetes and get expert advice on the right solution approach for you.​

Diabetes is a Spectrum.

Our proprietary framework helps identify where you are on the Diabetes Spectrum & what your Persona is. And hence what the possibilities are.

Your Persona determines Improvement Potential.

Understand your Diabetes improvement potential. Let this motivate & guide you in your efforts to transform your health.

Understand your Improvement Path.

Learn about the various phases of this journey to beat diabetes. And also how much time each phase might take for you.

Improvement Forecast, Solution to Improve.

Our AI will predict improvement over time. Our Doctor will advise you on the solution to achieve this. This is your personalized improvement plan.

Life-changing journeys that started with a Diabetes Improvement Plan  

What happens next?


Sample Collection

Blood and Urine sample collection collected from the convenience of your home at the time that suits you.


Personalized Plan

AI Driven Diabetic Persona identification & Personalized Diabetes Improvement Plan generation.


Doctor consultation

Physician consultation to understand state of your diabetes & optimize medication.


Expert Counseling

Counselling with Diabetes Solution Expert to identify the right solution approach for your Diabetes Persona

Diabetes Improvement Plan

Diabetes Improvement Plan

Price : ₹ 3500.0

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