Role of Fitness – IntelliScience

AltLife’s IntelliScience approach is designed to restore your
health by acting on the root causes that are impacting your
body’s ability to function healthily

Our fitness levels are extremely important in ensuring we remain healthy or for us to restore our health. The balance in our metabolism, hormonal activity, the health of cells, the strength of our body’s defence mechanisms – all of these requires us to be fit, flexible and calm. The right level of focus on fitness, flexibility and state of mind is important to prevent and beat lifestyle conditions like excess weight, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, hypertension & high cholesterol.

We ensure the appropriate mix of focus on fitness, strength, flexibility, and rejuvenation of the mind. The routines have been designed keeping in mind the following:

  • Our slow-twitch muscles need to be engaged and activated to enable better metabolism and improved insulin response
  • These muscles need to be toned and built to drive greater glycogen storage, thereby improving insulin behaviour
  • Our mind needs to be calm and stresses minimized to reduce cortisol levels
  • It is essential to ensure the release of a series of hormones & endorphins that improve our state of mind

Our exercise, yoga & meditation plans are designed and validated by expert physiotherapists, yoga, and mindfulness practitioners to drive a holistic experience leading to better physical and mental health.

Effectiveness of our Fitness Solutions

Our Exercise, Yoga & Meditation routines are designed to impact your overall wellbeing through the following:

  • Reduced Cortisol (the stress hormone) levels
  • Improved insulin and leptin sensitivity, and hormonal balances
  • Improved flexibility of your blood vessels resulting in improved blood pressure control
  • Reduction in visceral and other fat that improves metabolic health
  • Improved Immunity & stem cell functions
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased anti-oxidation naturally in the body
  • DNA sanctity preserved

Implications of not being fit

Some of the long-term effects of not having the right fitness levels are listed below:

  • The decrease in our muscle mass and strength
  • Reduction in our range of movement
  • Loss of cardiovascular flexibility
  • Loss of flexibility of our vasculature (circulatory system)
  • Manifestation of stress that leads to a cascade of events leading to hormonal imbalances
  • Chronic inflammation in the body which then leads to multiple health issues & life-threatening disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances such as insulin resistance, leptin resistance, TSH issues, FSH/LH/SHBG/DHEA imbalances etc.
  • Tendency to put on weight
  • Weakened immunity, reduced stem cells, impact to sanctity of the DNA
  • Impact on cellular membrane and mitochondrial function