Recharge Your Body & Mind.

Designed to provide the right mix of fitness, strength,
flexibility, and rejuvenation of the mind to improve metabolism


Follow exercise & yoga routines online with flexible timings- morning & evening sessions


Sessions designed & conducted by experts- Physiotherapists, Yoga & well-being practitioners


Curated routines that
activate different muscle
groups and body parts to drive overall wellbeing


Sessions are customized to suit your level of fitness. Special care taken to onboard Beginners.

How the sessions are structured

Components of exercise, yoga and meditation combined to derive the best from each discipline.

Instructors handhold beginners throughout their journey from basic to advanced levels.

Variety of routines have been curated & put together to improve metabolism and overall health.

Minimal equipment and aids needed to participate in our sessions.

A key focus on safety, ease, and effectiveness to minimize the chance of any injury.

Focus on improving physical & mental health rather than on body building.

A Live session with limited participants to ensure individual attention by the instructors.

Alignment with your body’s circadian rhythm to ensure exercises are done at the right time according to your body’s clock.


Reduced dependence & potentially elimination of medicines

Improved metabolism & gut health

Elimination of chronic Stress

Improved blood circulation


Improved functioning of the liver, heart, kidney and other organs

Stabilized mood swings

Improved sleep quality

Improved concentration, cognitive clarity & physical activeness

AltLife Experts to Guide You at Every Step

Our Fitness, Yoga, Meditation instructors have 10,000+ hours of combined experience in teaching, training and consulting.

Our experts have national and international certifications from reputed institutions and universities in Yoga and Physiotherapy & Fitness.

Our experienced instructors have a deep understanding of lifestyle disorders and their root causes and help you address the same.

Our mentors work with you to meet your improvement goals while challenging & encouraging you on your health-changing journey.

Choose a Program that Matches Your Health Goals

Exercise & Yoga

Starts @ INR 5,000/month

Live online classes, designed and conducted by experts. Curated routines combine the best from both the schools- exercise and yoga – to drive metabolism, enhance strength and flexibility & manage stress.


Starts @ INR 2,500/month

Live online classes, designed and conducted by experts. Curated HIIT & Strength Training routines to drive metabolism and enhance muscle strength


Starts @ INR 2,500/month

Live online classes, designed and conducted by experts. Curated Yoga & Pranayama routines designed to drive metabolism, enhance flexibility and manage stress.