Health Restore
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A program that changes the way your body functions and starts you off on your health transformation journey.

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Food is our medicine: Our therapeutic nutrition improves metabolic conditions solely through dietary interventions. Combined with our Expert Consultations, Body & Mind Fitness Solutions, we focus on improving the root cause. Eliminate the need for medication and mitigate hormonal imbalances in a measurable timeframe. Start the journey with our Kickstarter programs.

What happens after I sign up for the program?


A dedicated Health Coach is assigned to you.


Three curative meals delivered to your doorstep daily.


Streamline your metabolic processes.


Monitor daily markers as recommended and adjust medication with the help of health coach

Health Restore Kickstarter (HRK)

Kickstart your Health Restore journey with our 30-Day program.
It is designed to put you back on a path of good health and help you chart your reversal journey!

What’s included –

  • Tasty, therapeutic food delivered to your doorstep, 3 times a day.
  • Access to in-house Medical Experts for unlimited consultation sessions
  • Dedicated LiveAltlife Coach & access to our interactive mobile app

We are confident this program will work wonders for you!

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Health Restore Kickstarter (30 days)

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