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The root cause leading to metabolic disorders is Impaired Insulin Function or Insulin Resistance. A normal Insulin Efficiency Test (IET) is the gold standard for restoring metabolism & beating metabolic disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, PCOS, Cholesterol Imbalances, Cardiovascular Risk, Alzheimer’s/Dementia etc.

Multiple milestones (as applicable) need to be covered
in your journey to restoring metabolism

  • Symptomatic Remission: Normalize Glucose (FBS less than 110 without medicine)
  • Full Remission: Improve Metabolism (HbA1c less than 5.7)
  • Symptomatic Reversal: Stabilize Metabolism (Normal Glucose Tolerance Test)
  • Full Reversal: Optimize Metabolism (Normal Insulin Efficiency Test)

The GTT & IET will help you identify your current metabolic health and confirm if you have achieved Symptomatic or Full Reversal, respectively.

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