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Journey towards better health – Slow Down or a U-Turn

If you realize you are driving towards a destination that you don’t want to go to. What would you do?   

Would you slow down or make a U-turn that ensures that you don’t get to the destination? Obviously, make a U-turn you might say.   

However, when it comes to choices around our health, instead of making a U-turn, we only slow down. I wonder why.   

None of us wants to be on the journey of Diabetes or Obesity or PCOS or High Cholesterol or any such lifestyle disorder. Yet, when we decide that this not the destination for us, we start applying the brakes to slow down but seldom consider making a U-turn.     

  • Is it because you believe (or have been made to believe) you are on a one way where a U-turn is not allowed or is not possible?   
  • Is it because you convince yourself that it’s ok to end up at the destination because there are many others like you heading to the wrong destination, though you know deep inside you don’t want to get there?   
  • Is it because you think making a U-turn is hard and needs expertise and there is no expert to help and make it easy?  

Well, none of the above is good reasons!   

 Brainwashed to Slow down Brain Washed

Medicines & Surgeries are the brakes, in a sense. Your journey continues towards the destination of complications & pain, albeit, maybe, at a slower speed. And you will also be exposed to the risks of the side effects and the dangerous illusion of ‘all is well”. Maybe your advisor has said this is the only way, this is a one-way street, Sorry, no U-turns are possible. Maybe then the time has come for you to re-evaluate if you are using the right map/GPS to navigate your journey.   

This is my DestinyDestiny

No, it isn’t. Unless you want it to be. But we know you don’t want it. We know others don’t want it as well. So just because others are walking into a raging fire, is it ok for you to do it as well? No. Absolutely not. Not only should you quickly change direction, but you should also shout out as loud as you can and help as many as you can from heading into a disaster. You will be their lifesaver. Literally!  

It’s hard to make the U-turn

Yes and No. The perception in your mind that it’s hard is the hardest problem to crack. The reality, it’s not so hard. And increasingly it’s being made easier. Both in terms of advice as well as in execution.   

  • There are so many folks who are breaking free from the tried and tested path leading one to failure – Get inspired by them!   
  • There are so many advisors who are available to help you embrace the right choices, easily. Reach out to them!  
  • At Altlife and many other similar organizations, we help not just give advice but also make it super easy to execute your U-turn. Partner with them! 


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog, or any linked materials, are not intended & should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult a certified healthcare professional in case of a medical concern. 

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