Anjali's diabetes reversal journey
Anjali's reversal journey
Took my health for granted & then LiveAltlife happened

“As an entrepreneur, I was setting up multiple hospitals in small towns in Karnataka. I was always on road travelling and therefore didn’t have access to healthy food & overworking led to sleepless nights eventually leading to weight gain & other health issues. Thankfully I found LiveAltlife to help me change my course of health.”

Wanted to break free from my bad lifestyle choices

Never exercised and didn't follow a good diet

I always took my health for granted and this eventually led to a lot of health issues. I only realized that I was almost close to being pre-diabetic after I did a test through LiveAltlife and there was a need to improve my health.”





No longer apprehensive

The meals were a hit with me and my family

“I had to tell my family that the meals were meant for me, they were excited to taste them all the time, and looking at their reaction and the way the meals tasted my apprehension towards it disappeared.”

Never slept better

Eating right & exercising = good sleep

“Eating right and on time and exercising regularly helped me to sleep better.”





The program was the biggest motivation

Enticing meal copies and supportive coaches

“I was really tempted by the romance copies, it made me want to indulge in my meals almost immediately.”

My body picked up a rhythm to follow

I feel autotuned to eat early and exercise

“I got into a disciplined routine through the program. I now have dinner by 5.30/6 pm and I monitor my weight regularly.”





Didn’t realise that diet & exercise improved period cycle

Eating right & exercising helped my perimenopause

“Something as simple as diet and exercise was able to bring my period back to normal and that was an eye-opener for me.”

Understanding what it means to be healthy

Mentally felt good to be fit

“It felt great to be confident in my body, now I understand what it means to be healthy and it is a satisfying feeling mentally.”
Cultivated healthy lifestyle routine

“I have learned how to discipline myself and learned the joy of exercising and yoga. I do miss the gourmet meals but now I understand what it means to have a proper meal, proper is what works for your body.”


  • 87Aug '20
  • 84Sep '20
  • 82.3Nov '20


  • 6.1Aug '20
  • 5.6Sep '20
  • 5.1Nov '20

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