Digital DIY

Achieve the results you deserve on our “Do It Yourself” journey. Our innovative approach provides you with guidance and support every step of the way.

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What happens after I sign up for the program?

1. Download our App

  • Get our Livealtlife app on Google play or Apple app store.
  • Download on Google play.
  • Download on Apple app store.

2. Schedule Workshop

  • Our Alt Life Coach will get in touch with you for scheduling workshops
  • These provide an overview of the program and its purpose, making diabetic-friendly staples, and guidelines for effectively managing diabetes.

Learn & Engage

3. Orientation Workshop

  • Introduction to the program.
  • Diabetes management tips & best practices and what to avoid.
  • Why data tracking is crucial for monitoring glucose levels.
  • Exception Management.

4. Cooking Workshop

  • Live online demonstration of recommended foods and how to make diabetic-friendly staples.
  • Online resources provided for ongoing reference.

Implement & Track on Our App

5. AI Driven Meal Tracking

  • Upload pictures of your meal every day and allow our experts to review.
  • Track your eating patterns and make changes to improve your health

6. Daily Health Metrics

  • Track daily changes in key parameters which include FBS/PPBS, BP and Weight.
  • Track your holistic improvement in sleep and activity too

Digital DIY

Digital DIY

Price : ₹ 1000.0

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