Malavika's reversal journey
Malavika's journey
I was struggling with obesity and PCOS for a long time.

I was busy studying for my doctoral program and couldn’t make time for my health and therefore the neglection led to many health complications. This made me realise that I had to work on my health.

A Tranformation Journey

Overweight & Hypertensive

It was not about eating this to lose weight, nor about short-term goals but rather scientific evidence put together through nutrition & physical fitness to improve health.



Never exercised for decades

Supportive coaches

I found the yoga sessions challenging but the coaches would encourage and support me during the class.



Little but effective changes

Physically light & improved moods

Over time I was able to climb a fleet of stairs with ease and I did notice that I slowly started to feel better, my moods & energy were improving.



Compliments = Motivation

Noticeable changes in few weeks

90 days commitment was a long duration but I noticed the changes within me in few weeks, my family & friends noticed the same thing and this kept me motivated.

Surprised to Notice the Changes

Lost 7 kilos of body weight

My blood pressure readings have come down, saw a lot of improvement in my health parameters and I was able to get off few medications.



Pleasantly surprised with the results

I was hoping to see an improvement in health and I have seen much more than that. I lost 7 kilos of body weight. My blood pressure readings have come down and I was able to get off medications that I used to take earlier. I was able to do make the changes for my health.


  • 68.5Dec '28
  • 64.3Jan '21
  • 61.5Feb '21
  • 61.5Apr '21

Happiness Quadrant

Medication Drop
HbA1c Drop
FBS Drop
Weight Drop

Fasting Blood Sugar