Precision, at every step.

Root Cause Assessment

Persona Identification

Improvement Blueprint

Prepare yourself to Restore Health

Arm yourself with a deep & precise understanding of your Metabolism & get expert advice on the right solution approach for you.

  • Assess the stage of any Metabolic Disorder
  • Understand impact of your medication
  • Identify early warning signs of organ damage
  • Assess the state of your Insulin Resistance
  • Evaluate other novel markers for metabolic impairment
  • Identify your current metabolic persona/stage
  • Discuss your current condition with our Doctors
  • Understand implications of your Metabolic Persona
  • Understand various available solution options
  • Optimize your current medication
  • Get advice on the right solution for you
  • Understand various available solution options Embark on your journey to beat Diabetes

Key markers that we evaluate

Glucose Efficiency

  • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1C)
  • Fasting blood sugar (FBS)

Insulin Efficiency

  • Extent of Insulin Resistance (Fasting Insulin, HOMA-IR)
  • Metabolic Syndrome indicators(TG/HDL, TyG Index, FLI)
  • C-Peptide

Impact to Key Organs

  • Liver Health (LFT)
  • Kidney Health (Renal Profile)
  • Heart Health (Lipid Profile, hsCRP)

State of Metabolism

  • Thyroid Profile (TSH, T3, T4)
  • Key Vitamin Profile (Vit B12, Vit D)
  • Blood Profile (Complete Haemogram)

Life-changing journeys that started with a Metabolism Improvement Plan  

What happens next?


Sample Collection

Blood and Urine sample collection collected from the convenience of your home at the time that suits you.


Personalized Plan

AI Driven Metabolic Persona identification & Personalized MetabolismImprovement Plan generation.


Doctor consultation

Physician consultation to understand state of your metabolic markers & optimize medication if needed.


Expert Counseling

Counselling with Health Solution Expert to identify the right solution approach for your Metabolic Persona

Personalized Metabolism Improvement Plan