It’s January 2022, while some of us commit to a lot of promises, working on a resolution to see where we want to be towards the end of this year – It is a promise that we make to be better than last year.  For diabetics, we too find ourselves committing and working on a resolution for better health.

For some, the resolution could be hitting the gym more often or sticking to a healthy diet, or giving up on sugar, although it seems simple, committing to it gets a bit tricky. Therefore, look at resolution as slow and steady progress, give yourself the time to notice the change, and don’t beat yourself too hard if you don’t notice the change right away. It’s not about the goal but rather the progress that you have witnessed. There will always be a tempting obstacle, but we have compiled a list of resolutions that will help you make smart & healthy decisions.

Get to know your enemy better

Knowledge is power. How much do we know about type 2 diabetes? Did you know that diabetes is reversible? While some of us believe that sugar causes diabetes or that diabetes runs in the family; a general belief that has been passed down for ages, not backed by science, and hence people tend to cut down on sugar or worse accept their fate. What we don’t realize is multiple factors contribute to diabetes, some of them are:

  1. Lack of exercise
  2. Nutritionally imbalanced meals
  3. Stress
  4. Disturbed or lack of sleep
  5. Sedentary lifestyle

When we consume food or exercise, multiple cells are working within the body, unseen to our eyes, and therefore understanding the science behind the causes of diabetes helps you to equip yourself with the right information and tools to beat diabetes.

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Enjoy your favourite meals – choose healthy alternatives

Diabetics tend to give up on their favourite meals, sticking to a boring meal plan, and hence somewhere down the line you break rules and give into tasty temptations. You don’t necessarily have to struggle with this, enjoy your favourite meals by swapping for healthier alternatives, replacing rice with cauli-rice, roti flour with either almond/coconut/flaxseed flour.

Do not give up on fruits, include fresh, locally produced fruits and nuts. A well-balanced meal that includes both macro and micronutrients is sufficient, and good news, you can enjoy desserts too; replace your sugar with Erythritol or Stevia, they are considered safe for people with diabetes.

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Working out? It’s always good to start simple

Start simple small exercises and increase gradually – go for short runs or walks, you can do this at home or around your neighbourhood. Committing to this easier, start with 20min a day and gradually increase to 40-60min. Once you notice a slight improvement in your stamina, you can progress to push-ups (can be done at home), walking lunges, long runs, etc.

Prioritize mental health and sleep

Stress and lack of sleep indirectly contribute to diabetes. Therefore, it is important to destress and practice the art of sound sleep. Appreciate yourself a lot more, take some time off and enjoy activities that you love, you could try picking a hobby that calms your mind. 7-8 hours of sleep is considered healthy, so clock yourself to bed early. When you follow this healthy habit, you will notice a greater difference both physically and mentally.

Habits cultivated over years are hard to change, but small tweaks in our present lifestyles can have amazing health outcomes. Keep your targets easy and focus on day-to-day achievements, regularly monitor your blood sugar levels – It is about these small steps that we take now to help us in the long run, restoring better health and reversing diabetes.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog, or any linked materials, are not intended & should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult a certified healthcare professional in case of a medical concern.

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