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We walk the Walk with you.

We understand the burdens your condition puts on your day to day, so we make a plan that makes it easier for you, and we constantly meditate at every level to help you get there.

Know your current diabetes status

Identify the root cause of your diabetes

Know the impact of diabetes on your organs

Understand your metabolism status

Determine baseline parameters before reversing diabetes

What happens after signing up?

Key markers that we evaluate

Current State of your Diabetes

  • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1C)
  • Fasting blood sugar (FBS)
  • C-Peptide

Root cause of Diabetes

  • Extent of Insulin Resistance (Fasting Insulin, HOMA-IR)
  • Metabolic Syndrome indicators(TG/HDL, TyG Index, FLI)

Impact to Key Organs

  • Liver Health (LFT)
  • Kidney Health (Renal Profile)
  • Heart Health (Lipid Profile, hsCRP)

State of Metabolism

  • Thyroid Profile (TSH, T3, T4)
  • Key Vitamin Profile (Vit B12, Vit D)
  • Blood Profile (Complete Haemogram)

Diabetes & Metabolic Risk Assessment 360

Diabetes & Metabolic Risk Assessment 360

Price : ₹ 5000.0

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