Post-COVID Rejuvenation
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    Recover & Recharge From COVID

    Designed to provide the right mix of physical rehab exercises, yoga, and breathing (pranayama) that
    targets the secondary symptoms like breathlessness, muscle, and joint aches and pains, reduced
    mobility/flexibility, fatigue.


    Follow exercise & yoga routines online at the comfort of your home


    Sessions designed & conducted by experts- Physiotherapists, Yoga & well-being practitioners


    A well-designed rehabilitation, Mind and Body routine to improve quality of life

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    Know More

    Who can enroll in the program:

    • COVID – 19 Asymptomatic recovered clients.
    • COVID – 19 Symptomatic clients recovered by isolation at home.
    • COVID – 19 clients with a history of hospitalization with mild symptoms and have also completed home observation and has clearance from the doctor.

    People with following symptoms due to
    COVID should avoid enrolling for the program

    • Body temperature more than 99 degrees.
    • Pulse rate more than 100.
    • Blood pressure below 90/60 or above 140/90.
    • Blood oxygen saturation less than 94.

    How the sessions are structured?

    Components of physical rehab exercises, yoga, and breathing (pranayama).

    Variety of routines which includes breathing exercises, range of motion exercises, nerve flossing, graded strength training, stretching, pranayama, yoga nidra – which have been curated & put together to improve secondary symptoms.

    Minimal equipment and aids needed to participate in our sessions.

    A key focus on safety, ease, and effectiveness to minimize physical, mental, and respiratory distress.

    A Live session with limited participants to ensure individual attention by the instructors.

    Effectiveness of our COVID RECHARGE

    • Strengthens muscle joints and improves flexibility.
    • Improves balance and movement control
    • Relieves breathing difficulties and improves lungs health
    • Better circulation in the pelvic and lower spinal regions
    • Relieves fatigue
    • Restore balance in the endocrine system
    • Develop willpower, clarity of thought and emotional stability
    • Improved blood circulation
    AltLife Experts to Guide You at Every Step

    Our Fitness, Yoga, Meditation instructors have 10,000+ hours of combined experience in teaching, training and consulting.

    Our experts have national and international certifications from reputed institutions and universities in Yoga and Physiotherapy & Fitness.

    Our experienced instructors have researched & experimented on covid patients and adapted a health routine to help the body recover from COVID-19.

    Our mentors work with you to meet your improvement goals while challenging & encouraging you on your health-changing journey.