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Health Restore Kickstarter


Kickstart your health restore journey with our 10-Day program. 

The Kickstarter program is designed to put you back on a path of good health and help you chart your health improvement journey!

What’s included – 

  • Tasty, therapeutic food delivered to your doorstep, 3 times a day
  • Daily online Exercise, Yoga & Meditation sessions
  • Health 360° Assessment (Diagnostics)
  • Access to in-house medical experts for unlimited consultation sessions
  • Personalized Health Restore Roadmap discussion with our Health Counsellor
  • Dedicated AltLife Coach & access to our interactive mobile app

We are confident this program will work wonders for you!

Clear dates


This program is currently live only in Bangalore but we are rapidly expanding to other cities as well.

Please call us 080-47188877 or write to us at to know more about our plans for your city!

Please Note:
The Kickstarter Program can be availed by any individual only once.
Upon confirmation of the payment, your dedicated AltLife Coach will reach out to onboard you into the program.

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