Changing jobs from the army to a startup affected my health.

I was an army officer who moved to the corporate world. With the rigour of work went my fitness discipline on a toss. And then hit pandemic locking us indoors. All of these led to weight gain, low energy and body aches.

A detailed diagnostics

Indicated the state of my current health

 Before the program starts, a comprehensive diagnostic test is done. While the number of parameters took me by awe, the consultation was the best part for me as it seemed very scientific.

Well-designed meal plans

Nutritionally balanced tasty meals delivered to my home

 Food is a major part of the program, and I didn’t expect the food to be so brilliant. Not only was it hygienic, and nutritionally balanced, it was convenient to switch to other meal plans and the delivery was always punctual.

Yoga & execrise – an integrated part of the program

Yoga and exercise designed to achieve more from the program

 As an army person, I continued running as my main fitness activity till the pandemic hit. With LiveAltlife I got into an exercise routine and they introduced me to yoga; I never knew the benefits nor did I think I’d like and stick with yoga.

One of the most important investments in life

Investment in health is usually ignored

 We usually tend to ignore health until it’s not avoidable. But this was one of the best investments that I did for myself.

Mindful eating habits

A good lifestyle habit shift

 When I joined the program I was hoping to lose my extra weight, but this program shifted my perspective on health and my new lifestyle is about good eating and fitness habits.





Travel- heavy work life

Mainitaining health with travel isn't as difficult as one thinks

 I have extensive travel work which leads to eating outside regularly. But the healthy eating isn’t as difficult as I thought, now that I know the formula to good health.

Sustainable health results

 With a lot of health programs/diets that we follow, we believe that the results would not be sustained. But having implemented some of the health principles have helped me sustain the results.

Army officer to a corporate slave

A disciplined healthy lifestyle to sedentary work life

 I come from an army background where I was disciplined with my food habits and physical activity. As I made a move to a startup job and with the pandemic, my health took a back seat.

Was not at the same fitness level as before

Aim was to shed the extra kilo

 I did set myself goals to lose all the extra 8-9 kgs I had gained so I could go back to my previous fitness level





My health took a hit when I moved from the army and took up a start-up based job.

Being in the army, I was physically active but when I shifted to a start-up job, my lifestyle was sedentary. During the pandemic, things became worse as I stopped going out and stopped working out altogether. LiveAltlife was the best investment that I ever made. My goal was to lose weight but I gained a lot more health benefits from the program.


  • 824/11/2020
  • 76.67/12/2020


  • 5.94/11/2020
  • 5.77/12/2020

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