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We walk the Walk with you.

We understand the burdens your condition puts on your day to day, so we make a plan that makes it easier for you, and we constantly meditate at every level to help you get there.

Live Life. Without Medicines.

Normalize FBS & PPBS
HbA1c Below 5.7

Restore Metabolism Stop Oral Meds

Improve physical fitness
Healthy Weight Loss

Everything you need, in one place.

  • Curated meals & meal plans powered by our Precision Nutrition AI.
  • Right Mix of Macro & Micro Nutrients guaranteed.
  • Meal plans comprise a Gourmet collection of multiple cuisines.
  • Freshly cooked hot meals delivered
  • All meals – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included
  • Food delivery aligned to your circadian clock
  • Live online sessions, designed and conducted by experts
  • Sessions customized to suit your fitness/endurance levels
  • Limited participants per session
  • Dedicated LiveAltlife Coach
  • Access to Doctors, Physios, Dieticians, Yoga Teachers & Counsellors for consultation
  • Monitor all your health metrics
  • Easy tracking of meals, consultations & classes.
  • Interactive and engaging workshops & content

Hear from our community

Get back to good, for good.



  • Curated meal delivery
  • Live fitness sessions
  • Monthly Tests
  • Emergency Care

How do I sign-up?

Evaluate the right solution for you!

To get started on the Health Restore path, enroll for a Personalized Diabetes Improvement Plan. Our Doctors will advice you on the right solution path for your persona.

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