Rochan's Diabetes Reversal Journey
I assumed I was healthy till took a health test with LiveAltlife

“Work is everything to me, and I always tend to overwork myself, sometimes working during the weekends. and I had never considered my health, thinking that I was alright.”

Worked constantly

Never considered getting regular health tests

 I’ve overworked myself for 25 years and had never given a thought about my health. I never realized the importance of getting regular health tests, the health test was an eye-opener.





Alarming health parameters

Enrolled in the pilot experiment

 I had two choices to fix my health – Take the medication prescribed by a doctor or try a natural way to reverse my lifestyle conditions. Choosing the program helped me to realize that there was a way to reverse my condition without medication since my health reports indicated improvements across all parameters.

Varieties of healthy food

Desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth, guilt-free

 My desk job sometimes involved a little bit of traveling and despite my change of location at short notice, they were able to deliver my food wherever I was.

Significant weight loss

Incredible compliments

 I started seeing visible results, I was losing weight tremendously. My friends slowly started to notice my appearance, commenting that I look younger.





A moment of reflection

Incredible compliments

 Whatever I am able to do today, I should be able to do the same 20 years later – I indulge smartly now and started going for walks. The program made me believe that I didn’t need to take medication if I followed a healthy routine and fixed the root cause of the problem.

No need for medication

Following an efficient routine

 I am doing great in managing my health by sticking to a discipline through LiveAltlife’s post-program materials that help me with my daily routine.





LiveAltlife made me believe that diabetes is reversible without medications.

“I was able to reverse my diabetes without any medication, and I was also happy that I lost a lot of weight while on the program. I now pay attention to what I eat and started to follow a healthy routine. The meals that I received while on the program have delighted me so much that I picked up a few cookbooks.”


  • 82Jun '15
  • 74Aug '20
  • 71Sep '22
  • 71


  • 8.7Jun '15
  • 7Aug '18
  • 6Sep '20

Happiness Quadrant

Medication Drop
HbA1c Drop
FBS Drop
Weight Drop