Smart Diagnostics – IntelliScience

AltLife’s IntelliScience approach is designed to restore your
health by acting on the root causes that are impacting your
body’s ability to function healthily

How we measure the state of our Health plays a significant role in ensuring we remain healthy or for us to restore our health. If we are seemingly Healthy, do we need to wait till certain diagnostic biomarkers breach a threshold and hence be diagnosed with a specific disorder? Or, is there a way to know that our body’s processes and functioning are getting impacted and we are headed towards the wrong destination?

Our Intelliscience driven approach to smart diagnostics helps us just do that.

  • Not only do we measure and understand the state of one’s heath with respect to every lifestyle disorder, we also measure any underlying problems with how the body is functioning that could over time lead one to be afflicted with a lifestyle disorder. Think of this as a predictive, early warning sign.
  • This looks into details on your metabolic processes, hormonal activity, various organs functioning etc. and indicates if there is any problems we are seeing in terms of how the body should be functioning.
  • We also assess your current lifestyle choices and give you specific action-oriented advice on what you should be doing to actually improve your health and change the trajectory of your health that is taking you towards one or more impending and threatening disorders.

Our smart health & risk assessment and monitoring solutions are designed to take proactive and preventive steps to ensure we continue to be as healthy as we possibly can be.

Our Approach to Diagnostics

Our Smart diagnostic approach includes:

  • Standard tests that determine the state of your Diabetes, Cholesterol imbalances and Hypertension
  • Measure and analyze specific processes like Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, Advanced Cardiovascular Risk markers and look at the functioning of each organ system etc. that helps us look underneath the surface and foresee what the future of your health might look like.
  • Assessment of Lifestyle choices such as Quality of Micro & Macro Nutrition, Alignment to Circadian Rhythm, Quality of Sleep, Fitness Levels, and Stress Levels
  • Correlation of all the above to generate a Lifestyle Index, Protection Index and Health Index. and help you make specific changes to improve your health and track progress

Predictive  Early Warning Signs

  • We track your health data and various biomarkers over time and help in unlocking insights that come out of these trends that again can be extremely valuable.
  • We compare the patterns we see about how the trends are in your case and compare it with other people similar to you and that again leads to some very powerful insights.
  • We partner with you to not just take a view of your health today but also predict where you might be headed to in the future
  • We advise you on what you need to do today to change the trajectory of your health and ensure you remain in a state of good health.