Changing jobs from the army to a startup affected my health.I see great improvements in my mental state; I feel calmer & rested.

After discovering I was diabetic, I tried many plans but none worked.

With other programmes, doctors kept increasing my medicines. Yet, I saw no results.

Other plans didn’t work

I am an example of - Diabetes need not be lifelong.

 I was working a demanding job, leading a sedentary life with no physical activity. I discovered I was diabetic in my late twenties and tried different reversal plans, but saw no results.







Friend recommended LiveAltlife

Friend saw great results

 Just when I was losing hope, I found out about LiveAltlife through a friend. He said LiveAltlife helped him turn his life around and strongly recommended I try it.

Became active

Incorporated long walks into my schedule

 My health coach suggested I start long walks, which have now become an integral part of my daily routine. I feel extremely fit & active now!

Improved overall health

Saw improved physical & mental health.

 My blood sugar & BP fell to normal levels. Apart from that, I saw improvements in my energy levels and sleep pattern. My mental health was better than ever; I felt calm and rested.

Impressive diagnostics & consultation

In-depth diagnostics & follow-up consultation.

 I was very satisfied with the thorough diagnostic report. The consultation that followed was valuable. It helped me understand my health better and gave me an in-depth analysis of my health. The doctors were always available and so helpful.

Great guidance

I had great consultations with doctors, who guided me

 In the first 15 days, I saw changes in my blood sugar level. The doctors and counsellors reassured me this was normal. They were always available and guided me every step of the way.

Professional food delivery

Prompt food deliveries, sufficient food quantity.

 Food deliveries were prompt, and the quantity was sufficient – I only required 2 meals daily! The app was very flexible and made it easy to reschedule or cancel meals whenever possible.

Better relationship with food

Prompt food deliveries, sufficient food quantity.

 The nutritious low-carb meals of the plan reduced my hunger pangs, and I was satisfied eating only 2 meals a day. This helped me to successfully do intermittent fasting. Earlier, when I attempted fasting, I couldn’t sustain it due to a carb-dense diet.

Exceeded my expectations

Drop in HbA1c, blood sugar is normal & off all medication.

 All my expectations from the plan were met. My HbA1c dropped from 7 to 5.6, my blood sugar has been under normal range & I stopped all medication within 10 days!

Broke the chain of diabetes in the family

LiveAltlife gave me the realisation that diabetes does not necessarily run in families

 My family has diabetes, and when I discovered I was diabetic, I thought I had to be on lifelong medication. LiveAltLife changed my perspective. It helped me realise diabetes can be reversed with proper guidance.

My friends were in awe!

I am an example of - Diabetes need not be lifelong.

 My friends always thought that diabetes is something that sticks with you for life, being dependent on medication. Having reversed it completely, my friends are in disbelief and I proved it wrong that diabetes can be reversed.







Not only have I reversed diabetes, but built sustainable habits that will stay with me for life.

I am so grateful to LiveAltlife for changing my outdated perspective on diabetes. I am living proof that we are in control of this disease and not the other way round. LiveAltlife well-researched, scientifically-backed guidance has helped me make long-term, sustainable changes to my diet and activity levels. Thank you for helping me turn my life around!


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