It is not about winning each battle, but about winning the war!

Nothing epitomizes this more than the Indian team that was totally down in the first test of the recent Australia series after being 36 all out and losing the opening test. The amount of derision and ridicule that this team faced was nothing compared to the loss of firepower from various folks dropping out for a variety of reasons primarily driven by battle scars and injuries. Overcoming all of these and in the face of other adversarial experiences like taunts and jeers and on-field intimidation and deliveries that gave body blows, is phenomenal. Bouncing back with a win and then putting everything on the line, literally, for a well-earned draw to defeating the hosts in their fortress that hasn’t been breached in 32 years and with such audacity & aplomb! Kudos. Wow. Fantastic. We can never run out of superlative adjectives to express our feelings on a momentous occasion like this. A Fantastic job and achievement from the men in blue of Team India!

In life, there are so many times when we find ourselves in the “36 All Out” situation.

When we are totally down and out, when the reality seems trapped in a deep, dark abyss and hope seems completely out of reach. While this could be on many fronts, health is one such front. We perhaps have accumulated a lot of excess baggage and are overweight. We have waged multiple battles and have been found wanting and continue to be dragged down by the junk in our trunk. We potentially have high levels of sugar in our blood and are waging a battle on Diabetes. We have tried multiple interventions but have come up short. We have worried about PCOS and its implications and tried numerous remedial therapies but have been unsuccessful in our attempts.

And when we find ourselves in the “36 All Out” situation, the world of well-meaning “experts” around us also beat us down some more. Just like pundits like Michael Vaughn and Mark Waugh and Ricky Ponting called it a 4-0 whitewash given the circumstances. So too will our medical experts tell us to get ready for a lifelong regimen of medicines. Our spouses will talk about getting all our indulgences in check. Our friends will start writing epitaphs about our social presence and participation. Our over-friendly uncles and aunts will welcome us into the club and ensure one gets a barrage of unsolicited advice around walking in an 8 formation and eating a miracle leaf on the 11th hour of the third full moon!

When you are in a “36 All Out” situation, the world around you won’t ever let you forget that; you’ll get oodles of crazy advice that you are expected to thank people for!

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This is just a battle that you might have lost but the war is still on. While giving up might be a tempting easy choice, it’s definitely not the right one. You need to rise up, determined, and with steely grit and intent and take on your adversary again and winning the war is right around the corner. Here are some inspirational stories of the Shardul’s and Siraj’s and Pant’s who have waged and won this war on Diabetes successfully.

1. Satyakam “Shardul”

  • 33 and at the peak of his life and career
  • Weighing in at 108 Kgs and knocking on the doors of Diabetes
  • Had tried multiple things and reconciled to blaming his heavy bones for the excess weight

And now, at less than 90 Kgs and trending down further he has a healthy metabolism that has thwarted the threat of Diabetes. He eats right and has a renewed focus on fitness… All this through right lifestyle interventions!

2. Sanjay “Siraj”

  • 35 and successful after a meaningful entrepreneurial journey, having just started on the next
  • Fasting glucose of 250+ and an HbA1C of 12+ while being at 91 Kgs, an unwelcome dampener or maybe a timely wakeup call
  • On multiple medications but still had the fire to wage a war on Diabetes

And now, just going below 80 Kgs with fasting glucose of under 120 and off all medicine – showing grit, determination, steel and intent – successfully reclaimed his health and life!

3. Purushotham “Pant”

  • 44 and elated after an exit of his start-up
  • Had been 100+ Kgs and on medications for over a decade and yet struggled to keep HbA1C under control
  • Had tried various interventions but couldn’t find the right answers to solving his problem once and for all, but was still hopeful

And now, on the verge of knocking down under the 80 Kg mark, HbA1C at a healthy level, off all medicines and also enjoying life’s indulgences once in a while!

Key Takeaway

All of the above, like Team India, while totally deflated by having lost their battles, dug deep and found the reason and motivation that made them get up, shake off their doubts and go at it again with focus, grit and energy to win the war for their health. And they did just that. And you can too.

Team LiveAltlife can be your partner in this war for your health today so that your tomorrow thanks you!


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog, or any linked materials, are not intended & should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult a certified healthcare professional in case of a medical concern. 

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