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Food as Medicine Addresses the Root Cause

What does “Addressing the Root
Cause” mean ?


Fix Hormonal Imbalances, Address Insulin Resistance

      • Improve hormonal effectiveness
      • Convert Insulin Resistance to Sensitivity
      • Efficient Insulin beats metabolic disorders


Boost Immunity, Promote Healthy Gut

    • Strengthen your body’s defenses
    • Repopulate your Gut Microbiome
    • Promote Stem Cell growth


Reduce Inflammation, Kickstart Autophagy

      • Unleash natural anti-inflammatory antioxidants
      • Retain sanctity of your DNA 
      • Turbocharge your cellular maintenance cycles


Revive Metabolism, Lose Weight

          • Recharge your Metabolism
          • Reduce visceral fat
          • Lose weight sustainably

We walk the Walk with you.

We understand the burdens your condition puts on your day to day, so we make a plan that makes it easier for you, and we constantly meditate at every level to help you get there.

Health Transformations powered by Food As Medicine

Programs, Designed for Effectiveness & Convenience.

  • Significant improvement to health in 100 Days
  • We take ownership of ensuring you unlock good health
  • We have a ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee
  • As you eat our therapeutic food, your health will improve
  • As you improve, your medicines will reduce
  • Our doctors will help in titrating your medicines
  • Unlike many companies we do not stop at just providing you advice
  • We own execution & deliver therapeutic food wherever you are
  • We drive adherence & improvement while you go along your life
  • We are a full stack solution provider while also owning the improvement goals with you
  • We take care of everything: Food, Tracking & Monitoring, Diagnostics & Consultations etc.
  • Our goal is to make this entire journey as easy & convenient as we can for you
  • Our NutriSmart AI helps us execute Precision Nutrition Therapy which is what addresses the root cause
  • Our DiagKnows AI helps generate insightful assessments & derive patterns & useful early warning signs
  • Our proprietary metabolic persona framework personalizes our proven implementation methodology specifically for you
  • You will need to put in very little effort. All you need to bring is intent, we take care of everything else.
  • Our solution has fast paced effectiveness. Our deep science addresses the root cause & helps you achieve true improvement quickly.
  • We have solutions that not only help you drive improvement but also sustain that improvement for life, easily.
Jayaram Reddy
Jayaram Reddy

Being Diabetic for 22 years, medications were my daily routine. But Livealtlife through DIP has set me on the path to reassess my diabetes management.

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With this program, I could bring my FBS within the right range in 7 Days, right before my eye surgery and fixed my eye before further damage could happen.

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