We walk the Walk with you.

We understand the burdens your condition puts on your day to day, so we make a plan that makes it easier for you, and we constantly meditate at every level to help you get there.

Restore Health. Reclaim Life.

Restore Metabolism, Normalize Parameters

 Reduce, Eliminate Medicines

Improve Energy, Lose Weight

Multiple Disorders.One Solution. Food as Medicine.

Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin Resistance to Sensitivity.
Normalize FBS, PPBS & HbA1c.
Reduce/eliminate medicines.


Reset Sodium-Potassium balance.
Improve metabolism, Lose weight
Reduce medication.

High Cholesterol

Reduce Inflammation, Lose weight.
Lower Triglycerides, Increase HDL.
Reduce medication.

Fatty Liver

Reduce Visceral Fat.
Optimize liver enzyme levels.
Rejuvenate liver's processes.

PCOS & Fertility

▲Insulin Sensitivity,▼Testosterone.
Restore SHBG, LH, FSH, AMH levels.
Restore regular cycles.

Excess Weight

Lower Visceral Fat & Lose Weight.
Improve Insulin Sensitivity.
Restore Leptin, Peptide YY balance.

Food as Medicine, Personalised for you.

  • Curative meal plans designed based on your preferences
  • Daily ingredients & Recipes, Weekly Shopping Lists, Prep plans provided
  • Powerful health benefits get unlocked as you execute our curative meal plans
  • Workshop to discuss and understand your preferences
  • Veg/Egg/Non Veg, Cuisine mix you enjoy, Vegetables you like, Spice levels etc.
  • Personalized meal plan aligned with your palate drives easier adherence
  • Live weekly workshops to plan for the following week
  • Live & Video based classes to teach curative cooking techniques
  • Unlimited on-demand culinary consults to help you fine tune your approach
  • 100+ rules enforced designed to beat disease & deliver good health
  • Guaranteed optimized levels of Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients
  • Metabolism optimized with complex carbs, healthy fats & adequate proteins
  • Optional home delivery of ingredients needed to execute the plan
  • Optional weekly staples & indulgences also sent to make execution easier
  • Alternatively, local providers researched and procurement plan provided
  • Optional Periodic Predictive Assessments to track improvement in the root cause
  • Unlimited doctor consults to monitor progress & titrate medicines
  • Unlimited on-demand consults with Dieticians, Counsellors, Physios and other experts
  • Dedicated health coach to engage, motivate & jointly own health outcomes
  • Intuitive app for easy management & tracking of meals, delivery, consultations
  • Monitor all your health metrics and consume insightful workshops & content in the App

Health Transformations powered by Food As Medicine

Kickstarter - Health Restore (Assisted) - 30 Day Kickstarter


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Health Restore (Assisted) - 4 Weeks Kickstarter

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Other program options you could consider

Health Restore (Managed)

Our flagship program that offers you the ultimate convenience of food being delivered to your doorstep. Starting at ₹600 per day.

Health Restore (DIY)

Digitally orchestrated Do-It-Yourself Program with templated meal plans, online resources, ingredient kits. Starting at ₹33 per day