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Food as Medicine for Fatty Liver

Why is my Liver Fatty?

  • Choices made around Food, Fitness, Sleep & Stress were imbalanced
  • These choices led to sustained denovo lipogenesis that resulted in fat deposition in the liver
  • This metabolic impairment over the years led to visceral fat deposition and a fatty liver

Why doesn't my current solution work?

  • Current solutions address the symptom and not the root cause
  • The underlying impaired metabolic processes are in fact slowly worsening
  • Which is why over time intervention needed and medicine dosages only increase

How does Food as Medicine help Fatty Liver?

  • Food as Medicine is the ONLY solution that addresses the underlying root cause
  • It strenghtens the underlying metabolism and brings about hormonal balance
  • Hence the improvement you will see is guaranteed and sustainable

Interested in Diving Deeper into the Science & Solution for Fatty Liver?

Please visit the Liver Academy for resouces that help you demystify Fatty Liver and the solution.

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