Health Restore Kickstarter (Lite)


Kickstart your Health Restore journey with our 30-Day program. 

The Kickstarter program is designed to put you back on a path of good health and help you chart your reversal journey!

What’s included – 

  • Customised Meal Plans, including detailed recipes & shopping lists
  • Cooking-prep Workshop & access to in-house dieticians & culinary experts
  • Comprehensive Health 360° Assessment
  • Access to in-house Medical Experts for unlimited consultation sessions
  • Personalized Health Restore Roadmap discussion with our Health Counsellor
  • Dedicated AltLife Coach & access to our interactive mobile app
  • Complimentary 1-month subscription for daily online Exercise, Yoga & Meditation sessions

We are confident this program will work wonders for you, and if you are not satisfied, we commit to return your money. No questions asked!

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